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Impress your boss by “sending” emails on the weekend

We live and work in a connected world where the lines between home and the office are continually shifted and blurred. Most professionals carry a cell phone and odds are your employer has reached out to you outside of office hours on it. Furthermore, we bring it upon ourselves by catching up on office email in the evenings – there is no 9-5 notion in the modern workplace. Sure, you can put your foot down and remain steadfast that work responsibilities remain in the office, during office hours. The problem is, it’s a losing battle because even if you’ve stood up for yourself you can be sure a co-worker is not as confrontational and gladly takes anything thrown their way. We’d all like to think this difference between employees doesn’t come into play come salary review time, but that would be naive wouldn’t it?

So how does one make it appear they are putting in the extra hours without actually doing as such? Microsoft provides quite an intriguing feature in Outlook that allows you to schedule email delivery at a defined time in the future. I’m sure Microsoft intended this feature for something good – say like emailing your boss automatically on his birthday every year. But it’s not hard to see how this can be useful for a self-proclaimed weekend worker. Here’s how -

1.When finished composing your email click on the Options tab in the ribbon interface.
2.Click on the Delay Delivery button now displayed.


3.Look for the option Do not deliver before and select the appropriate date and time for your future delivery. It’s really that simple.


There is one subtle caveat to this entire operation, Outlook must be running at the time of delivery; a minor but very important point. Now by completing  the TPS Report due for the Monday morning meeting on Friday, you can schedule an email attachment to your boss for sometime Saturday soliciting feedback. Even if he responds back to you it won’t be necessary to continue the conversation as your weekend warrior attitude has already been implanted.

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