E-presence and e-communication, whether for general informational purposes or for conducting business transactions with your customers and/or suppliers, can be a crucial element in determining continued success for your business, industry or enterprise.

  • Antivirus protection
  • WatchGuard® Firewall protection
  • Web reporting statistics
  • Daily backups
  • Domain name registration

Hosting formats:


Virtual means your site will be on a shared server. This means your account is on a server with other accounts. This is the most common site type for low to medium bandwidth web sites that don't need their own server. These package generally are the least expensive.


Dedicated servers allow you to host your site(s) on your own machine. This gives you the greatest versatility because you can run your own softwares and own your machine all to yourself. This kind of package will run a bit more money then a virtual account because of server rental and real estate at our facility.


Co-location has the same benefits as a dedicated server. It is exactly the same idea and offers the same versatility only you provide the hardware, which makes the monthly fees lower.