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You’ve probably heard it said before that running an effective digital marketing campaign requires the ability to manage a lot of moving parts. Social media is a rapidly growing sector of digital marketing that has become particularly effective in helping companies reach a broader, more engaged audience. Social media marketing must be part of your digital marketing plan. A social media strategy is most effective when it plays out across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Regardless of your own familiarity with these platforms, it’s in your best interest to manage numerous profiles, as you never know which platform your target audience utilizes the most.

It’s important that the branding on each of your social media accounts be uniform; this means that spelling, contact information, profile descriptions, and to an extent, images, should be consistent in order to make your company more easily recognizable. Your profile page should also communicate a high level of professionalism; you’ll never be seen as an authority in your industry with social media profiles that feature grainy cover photos or sloppy content.

Three Key Factors

  1. Create social media content that’s truly relevant and engaging.
    This can include advertising contests, promotions, sneak peeks of new products, polls, links back to informative blog posts, etc. The idea is to find ways to not just get viewers to visit your social media page, but to engage with the content that’s on it.
  2. Update your social media profiles frequently.
    Social media profiles become obsolete when they’re left unattended for too long. The key to capturing and sustaining an audience is to make posts on a regular basis (at least 2-3 times a week for each platform).
  3. Always respond to customer comments and inquiries.

If your company aims to reach specific local audiences (which most should, when applicable), the first step is to define your local SEO goals. Who specifically are you targeting?  A local SEO audit is an initial assessment of all of the most influential factors of an SEO campaign, and is used to identify areas of strength and weakness. A local audit would include an assessment of your Google Business page, your website and its landing page, and would analyze your local social media, local competition, and your existing citations. Comparison web tool:

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Social Business

Social Business

Business owners have another way to promote their businesses online for relatively small low cost investment. Allow SMI to assist your Social Presence to attract and further expand your business to wider audiences.

Since most small business owners and start-up companies are extremely busy managing their business, they have very little time available to spend focusing on social media marketing tools. This is why it is so important to develop and create a social media plan to determine your desired marketing strategy. Allow us (SMI) to help you develop your marketing efforts, using various social networks and tools available today.

Our aim is to keep your business relevant to your audience and allow you to focus running your business!


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